Words For The Crossroads

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
 I will counsel you and watch over you." 
                                                                                               - Psalm 32:8 NIV

Sometimes we face a major crossroad in life, and when we do, we find ourselves wondering what God's will is for the decision we must make.  Maybe that's where you are right now.

The most important advice for life's crossroads is this: "Seek God's will."  He knows what's best for you, and He doesn't want you to wander aimlessly through life.

Never forget: God made you, and He knows all about you--including the gifts and abilities He gave you.  More than that, He loves you and wants what is best for you.  Maybe you've been living for yourself and for the moment rather than for Him and for things eternal.  But don't stay on that path; you will only end up at a blank wall if you ignore God's plan for your life.

Ask God to guide you as you make decisions about your future.  He may not show you everything at once, but with Christ in your heart, you can face the future with confidence, knowing that He will lead you in His perfect way.
- "Words for the Crossroads" in Hope for Each Day Morning and Evening Devotions by Billy Graham (c) 2002, 2012.
​Our Purpose
Our Mission
Our Vision
Crossroads Chapel exists for the purpose of serving and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ by following the commands, examples, and testimony of God’s Word, the Bible.  This will be accomplished through public worship, the study and application of God’s Word, evangelizing those outside of the faith, providing opportunity for Christian service, and supporting missionary work at home and abroad.
The mission of Crossroads Chapel is to be the body of the risen Christ in our community and throughout the world by exalting Jesus Christ, equipping our members to minister to others, edifying each other, and evangelizing those who do not know Christ as their personal savior.
To define, develop, and grow a uniquely relational congregation that is balanced in Biblical Knoweledge, Spiritual Understanding, and Submissive Service.  Join us and allow God to use you to attain this vision.
  1. D.L. Mitchell
    Teaching Elder Pastor
  2. Eugenia Lunsford
    Office Administrator Staff
  3. Ryan Balthaser
    Fuller Theological Seminary Student Ministries, Interim Pastor
  4. Frank Owens
  5. Kent Pound
  6. Gary Sparrow

Our History 

Crossroads Chapel is a Southern Baptist Church located in North Colorado Springs.  We currently meet in a semi-permanent structure on our property at 840 North Gate Blvd.  We own approximately 10 acres at that site.

Crossroads Chapel began its life in 1992 as a mission of Chapel Hills Baptist Church.  A group of CHBC members banded together to begin the work of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the growing Gleneagle area of north Colorado Springs.  Originally meeting in a home, the church became self supporting and independent, contracting with District 20 to use Antelope Trails Elementary school as a meeting place. 

In March of 2003, Crossroads Chapel broke ground on a Sprung Instant Structure on our Northgate property.  In August 2003, we held our first worship service in our new facility establishing a permanent presence in the heart of the 80921.

Crossroads Chapel strives to be a New Testament church with Christ Himself as our head.  Structurally, we are an elder led democratic fellowship.  That's a lot of words to say that we have a Pastor who is one of several elders who give guidance and instruction to our church family.  We also have committees that assist our elders in administrative tasks, but ultimately the church is governed democratically (i.e. we vote on stuff).

We greatly appreciate your interest in the ministry of Crossroads Chapel!