Pastor's Page

Written By D.L. Mitchell 4/12/2016
In February of 2000 my wife and I moved from Neosho, MO to Colorado Springs.  We had lived in Denver some 20+ years earlier and had loved the beauty of the mountains.  Moving to the Springs and realizing that the culture we had moved into was more stunning than the mountains, we have had many years of shocking adjustments!  This is not a negative statement, just a statement of fact.

Nancy and I quickly came to the conclusion that here in Colorado not everyone will wave at you and you can go to the grocery store, time after time, and never see anyone that you know!

The theme song of a popular sit-com used to say, "Making your way in the world today...takes everything you've got...  Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot... Wouldn't you like to get away?  Sometimes you want to go... Where everybody knows your name,... And they're always glad you came."  In this culture it is good to know there is a church that is relational at heart and really desires to know you and are glad when you come!

Here at Crossroads we strive to be relational with God through His Son Jesus our Christ!  But we also strive to be relational with one another.  We come together under the authority of God's Word and together we allow Him to direct our lives.  Why don't you come, let us know your name, and allow us to prove "we are glad you came​" !!!